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IDP Connect, London UK

6 Weeks design development.
6 Weeks construction phase.

Completed: May 2020

Size: 5000 sq.ft.

Location: London, UK

Type of project: CAT B

Sector: Education, Technology, Sales

Global educational guidance company IDP Connect approached us and offered to participate in the tender. One exciting avenue to work on was the redevelopment of their office in London's Putney Bridge, where space has been left untouched since the 1970s.


We created an environment that would overcome the worry of change, and also let everyone experience what an inspiring workplace for a 21st-century business can be. The new scheme is encompassing an environmentally sustainable approach. We created a long path walk with jungle and moss green walls, a large kitchen area, two breakout areas, a quiet working space and of course a significant open workspace. 


Just before the work was due to begin, we were faced with a global pandemic. Rather than let it stop us we had to remain dynamic and continue to work. With the generous support of the client and our team, who we are enormously proud with, we managed to successfully deliver the project on time.

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