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Hotcourses Office, London

Completed: February 2019

4 Weeks design development.
6 Weeks construction phase.

Size: 105 sq.m. 

Location: London, UK

Type of project: CAT B

Sector: Education, Technology, Sales


When the UK education company reached out to us, they explained that they wanted their new space addition to function as a multi-purpose area utilised on a day-to-day basis as a workspace for staff. This space was to facilitate group meetings, training sessions and a 'hot-desking' culture. The aim was to provide a flexible, customizable working environment for staff, inclusive of practical functionalities such as day-to-day paraphernalia (including flip charts, desks, IT, screens etc.).


Equally, we designed a modular space to cater to a broad set of functions and a thoughtful approach to different ways staff could work within the space. These activities range from formal client meetings with senior management from Universities to more informal entertainment gatherings such as lunches and training days with colleagues, industry partners and clients. 


The result has been a space with key elements we created such as a soft seating corner, a hot-desking work station, a media corner for collaboration and presentations, a boardroom with bespoke movable screens for extra privacy when needed and a tea point lean bar and storage with soft seating corner - all in less than 1100 Sq.Ft!

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